Shadows of His Sacrifice

$ 11.95

Author: Leslie Hardinge PH.D.


Sometimes questions are asked regarding the value of a detailed study of the sanctuary. “Why, when we have the Christ of the New Testament, do we need to go back into the Old?’I find no problem in the way of such a study. You have seen the beautiful illustration in the books that are sold in Christian bookstores. Do you think that the artist painted these from memory? Why no! He uses many models.


Today these models, living and inanimate, need not sit for long hours before the artist. He simply makes colored transparencies of the sections of his picture by posing the model for a few minutes. When he is ready to paint, he works these segments together, studying each part in detail. It is for a similar reason that God has given us the details of the sanctuary. We should study each part minutely. Only then we will be able to see Christ in His fullness. We can comprehend only one point at a time. Jesus is the Sacrifice. He is also the priest. He is the Shekinah, and He is also the veil. He is “every whit!”In order to discern the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, the Mediator of mankind, the Savior of the race, the Redeemer - King, we must synthesize all aspects of the tabernacle.

While we may spend time on one part of His ministry, we should keep in mind that He is many-sided. It is only thus that we will come to understand “the One Who is altogether loverly, the chiefest among the thousand,”our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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