In His Sanctuary

$ 10.95

Questions for concerned people of the 21st century:

 -Is there such a thing as a “judgement”?

-Am I being judged now, or will it happen after I die?

-Isn’t the cross of Jesus all that I need?

-What is the Sanctuary, and where is it?


We believe you will find the answers to theses and other questions as you prayerfully study the material contained in this manual.

As an added bonus, the subjects are presented in a clear and orderly fashion with step-by-step instructions for Bible students who enjoy teaching.


About the Author: Norma Vivian Gully was born March 10, 1937 in San Bernardino, CA to Pastor Norman and Vivian McLeod. She served the Seventh-day Adventist church for many years as a Literature Evangelist, Assistant Publishing Director, and Bible Instructor. She also served her Lord as a church clear, assistant church treasure, teacher, religious liberty and personal ministries leader and musician.

She was united in marriage to Elder Wilbur Gully. Together, they presented Sanctuary Seminars, gave Bible studies, and rejoiced as others were baptized. They share three special daughters; Denise, Eva, and Lee Kay.

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