Cooking by the Book

$ 15.00

Author: Marcella Lynch


Features God’s Eating Plan as unfolded through Scripture, and through an understanding of God’s other book, the book of nature, including the laws of physiology and digestion which govern our bodies.

The Bible tells us a great deal about food and food preparation and has spacial instruction for each one of us from the Designer of our body machines.

In order to know what are the best foods, we can study God’s original plan for our diet. He who created us and understands our needs, appointed us our food.

The 20 chapters of Cooking by the Book present, step by step, God’s recommendations for healthy eating.

     OUR GOAL is to provide recipes that...

  • use plant foods in their natural form

  • furnish a good quality protein without meat

  • are tasty, attractive and healthful

  • use foods low in cholesterol and fats

  • feature low- sugar, low-calorie desserts

  • are free of irritating spices and condiments

  • use readily available ingredients

are simple, easy to prepare, and economical

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