About Us

What is Messiah's Mansion?


Messiah's Mansion is a life-size replica of the Mosaic Sanctuary that God gave instructions to Moses to build in the wilderness. Everything is to scale and a copy of what it would have looked like to the children of Israel to the best of our knowledge. Through guided tours, people are able to see the plan of salvation and bring it to life with the visual aid of the sanctuary furniture.


Who is responsible for Messiah's Mansion?


The Messiah's Mansion President, Clayton Leinneweber, has dedicated his time and efforts to develop and manage the Sanctuary exhibit, including arranging the tours that extend worldwide. He teaches the tour guides and coordinates when and where the exhibit will be set up. The Messiah's Mansion Board is comprised of dedicated young people who helped to get the Messiah's Mansion project started during their Junior and Senior years of high school. All of which are actively involved with set ups and giving tours. The staff also includes college students from around the country as well as other volunteers who share the passion for the Sanctuary message. Clayton Leinneweber currently teaches Sophomore and Junior Bible classes at Oklahoma Academy. His students learn to give tours of the exhibit during the year as part of their curriculum.


Why We Do What We Do.


Everyone that is involved with Messiah's Mansion has a passion for doing God's work. They give of their time and resources to share what they have found through studying the sanctuary. They feel that what can be shown through the sanctuary service is a vital part in understanding God's plan of Salvation. Their passion can be seen in their excitement when they give a tour. Their reward for all the time they put in is the satisfaction of presenting truth for others to see for themselves. Because there is so much more to be learned through the sanctuary, they only hope to give enough information to create an interest to study more for themselves. Many of the students who have come on the summer program come again the next year. To learn more about the school that most of the students graduate from, visit Oklahoma Academy's website.