Meditations on the Book of Ezekiel: God is There!

$ 11.20

Author: Leslie Hardinge


A study of each chapter with commentary of the visions of Ezekiel

- see the original design of God, high and lifted up, yet controlling the “wheels” of human events, guiding them by His Spirit, and maintaining that control from the rainbow surrounded throne.

- See the Glory of God working patiently with God’s people in Babylonian captivity- appealing, molding, chastising, scolding, accusing, forgiving, yearning, wooing.

- See the picture of Israel in the land of Babylon needing deliverance and restoration. Discover how this imagery is used to describe today’s Israel of God in their final struggles against the posers of evil.

- The challenge is for us in our day. God’s remnant is about to enter a land far more glorious than that offered to Ezekiel’s generation. Dr. Hardinge often said that Ezekiel had become his favorite book in Scripture. May it also become yours as you are filled with the desire to prepare to dwell in that city that through Ezekiel’s prophetic imagery is divinely named

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